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Our Company offers testing instruments and innovative solutions for non-destructive testing (NDT) of materials, technical components and structures, condition monitoring and process control.

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Q NET was founded in 1992, aiming at realising current applied research and development findings, making them ready for the market and adjusting them to the needs of our clients. A further goal was to promote international collaboration in the areas of quality control, process control and production automation.

For this purpose Q NET supported the foundation of further Q NET companies in Russia, USA, India and China. As independent companies they have the advantage of being able to operate on the basis of the local legal and commercial conditions. The worldwide Q-NET company network and our strategic partners allow us to conduct projects on an international scale. The network assures that expertise, state-of-the-art technologies and customized services for the respective markets can be provided at all times. The worldwide network creates an access to information about local markets, available technologies and human resources.

Company Network

As a customer of Q NET Engineering GmbH you have access to a broad international network and benefit from worldwide technology and service transfer.

Q NET Quality Networks Inc.

Q NET Quality Networks Inc. is specialised in sales of high tech equipment and is your service partner in the United States for all matters regarding non-destructive testing.
Q NET Quality Networks Inc. focuses on the assembly and implementation of testing instruments with the support of the Q NET network.

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Q NET Quality Networks Pvt. Ltd.

Q NET Quality Networks Pvt. Ltd. provides access to the Indian market focusing on the following industries:

  • Transportation industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Nuclear power industry
  • Aerospace industry

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